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    Also got a video of Pastor @stevenfurtick and the @elevationchurch singing "You deserve it"!! We are sooo honored and humbled!!! To God be the glory!! #youdeserveit #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic
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    I'm still blown away at how far "You deserve it" has reached!! This is an orphanage in India... wow! To God be the glory!! #youdeserveit #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic
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    My bro @devonfranklin ministered such an effective LIFE CHANGING word at @cityofpraisefm last night for #youthfest2k17! My whole family was so excited to meet him... He even took the time to Minister to @trinahairston and I after service. We'll never be the same!! #jreamland #copfmunlocked17 #hairstons2maryland #swipeleft
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    Youthfest 2k17 is happening now!! Check out my baby girl Jayelle.. my other kids are having fun with their friends but she's always up under me & @trinahairston! My Bro's @thecantonjones & @devonfranklin are in the house! LET's GO!! #jreamland
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    Youthfest 2k17 starts TONIGHT at @cityofpraisefm!! @thecantonjones @knoxx100 will ministering, and my bro @devonfranklin will be preaching! It's gonna be CRAZY!! Don't miss it! It's free!! Starts at 7pm. Let's go!!! #COPFM #youthfest2k17
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    Gonna be a real busy week in ministry for us this week! Hopefully in we're in your city you can come and worship with us! (Info on flyers) Monday: God's House of Prayer - Auburn AL Tuesday: Ark of Safety - Upper Marlboro MD Wednesday: Grove Church - Portsmouth VA Thursday: Youthfest 2K17 at @cityofpraisefm Friday (day): Outcry 2k17 - Baltimore MD Friday night: Youthfest 2k17 at @cityofpraisefm Sat (day): @miraclecitychurch - Baltimore MD Sat (night): Shekinah Glory CC - Newark NJ Sun (morn): Youthfest 2k17 at @cityofpraisefm Come worship with us this week!! #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic #ilovetoworship #swipeleft
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    Youthfest 2k17 is almost here!! Our church @cityofpraisefm is having one of the biggest youth conferences of the year starting next Thursday July 20th and you're invited!!! @travisgreenetv @thewallsgroup @devonfranklin @thecantonjones @caseyjmusic @amantelacey @tgalberth @knoxx100 & more will be there... and it's FREE!! Don't miss it!! #COPFM #ILOVEmyChurch #spreadtheword
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    Me & my boo @trinahairston experienced our first Hawaiian Luau today... it was so cool. We decided this year we would not only be committed to ministry and being good parents to our kids, but that we would enjoy life with each other.. we're doing pretty good so far... 😉 #familyfirst #amazinglove #swipeleft
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    So about a month ago a friend reached out to me and said there was a pastor in Hawaii who's favorite song was "Lord you're mighty", and the First Lady wanted me to come sing it for his birthday service... I didn't think it was real.. lol! But here we are in Hawaii because of a song God gave me over 10 years ago. This message is for those who have a musical gift: the songs coming out of you are blessing people in places you would never imagine. I pray that when people meet the messenger behind the message, that your integrity and character are consistent with the message.. Love y'all!! #giftmakingroom #StayHumble #lordyouremighty #paidvacation
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    Irvington NJ let's go!! I'm here to worship. Come down to Christian Love Baptist church and let's praise, worship, and have fun! It's FREE!! #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic
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    I had the extreme honor of being a part of the tribute to Dr @judithchristiemcallister at @cogicaim today. When I started leading praise and worship I studied how she did it.. Her posture, interaction with the people she's leading, confidence, exhortation... all of it!! She's one of the few worship leaders that could you bring to the throne room in worship, then take you to a crazy praise/dance!! Love her!! #pioneer #worship
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    Happy birthday to our friend, manager, and brother @kelvinleach! You started as a friend, then you became our manager, but now you're also our brother!! We love you dude and we're so happy for all you've accomplished! And it will only get bigger and better! @trinahairston & I love you and @monicaral91616 to life!!! #happybirthday #familyfirst #swipeleft