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    This single “My worship” by @philthompsonworship is definitely my worship anthem for this season... Because NO ONE can worship God for me! If you don’t have it, go download it today! #myworship #philthompson #jamestownmusic Here’s the link to download now: http://smarturl.it/PTMWorship
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    In this season, I feel more committed and more submitted than I ever have before... Whatever God wants me to do, I’m doing!! He always shows up when I move out of the way... Thank you Faith City Church for having us tonight.. What a powerful worship experience! Wow!!! #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic
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    Delaware! Let’s go!! Me & YP will be there tonight at Faith City church in Newark DE! Come worship with us!!! #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic
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    Yoooooo!!!!! It’s finally here!! My bro @bowtyetrib’s record “The Bloody Win” is here!! I need everyone that came out to the Bloody Win Tour to download this record! I also need EVERYBODY that loves and supports Tye to download this record.. I also need EVERYONE that supports me to DOWNLOAD THIS RECORD because Tye is my Bro for real!! The Hairston fam LOVES the Tribbett fam! Let’s go!!! #thebloodywin #tyetribbett #bloodywintour #family #swipeleft
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    Im super honored to be mentioned with my Bro @todddulaney1 in the Holy Grounds this week on the @wmjshow. We’re not against each other, we just happen to be in the same category at the same time!! I LOVE both songs, so a vote for either of us is a win for both of us! But obviously I’d appreciate a vote for us... lol! Cast your vote at www.thewilliemoorejrshow.com. #noreasontofear #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic #williemoorejrshow #flatout
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    Fayetteville NC tonight!!! Let’s go!! #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic #swipeleft
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    Had an awesome time at Mt Calvary in Raleigh NC celebrating Pastor Shirley Caesar’s birthday last night! Even at her age she has a praise!! And she is hilarious... she loved my beard!! Lol! It was also great to Minister with my brother @bishoptez again! It was a GREAT night!! #youdeserveit #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic
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    This dude @kevoncarter is HILARIOUS!! Crazy thing is he’s really dope on keys... The “unrecognizable intro” is my favorite!! Lol!!! I think I’ve actually heard at least 3 of these in real life.... #youdeserveit
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    #WCE my boo @trinahairston is truly my EVERYDAY ride or die! In everything we do, she goes just as hard as I do! In family, ministry, and business, she is just as passionate as I am. What’s amazing is that she believed in me when no one else did, even when I didn’t! Now I’m just seeing what she saw YEARS ago.. My only regret in life as that I didn’t see what she saw sooner, and didn’t treasure her as much in the beginning as I do now... But trust me, I’ll spend my life showing her how much she means to me! I love you boo... #amazinglove #mytruelove #shesAMAZING #swipeleft
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    Told you we had some announcements coming!! We are so excited to welcome the anointed psalmist @philthompsonworship to the @jamestownmusic family!! Phil has written some AMAZING songs including “Love lifted me”, “Light the way” and his recent worship anthem “My worship”! The single “My worship” is available for download now on @itunes! The full project will be released early 2018!! JamesTown Music is exclusively distributed by @eonenashville. For more announcements and info regarding JamesTown Music, follow us at @jamestownmusic! Let’s GO!! #philthompson #MyWorship #jamestownmusic #eone To download “My worship” use this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/my-worship-single/id1294746629?ls=1&app=itunes
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    Yooooooo my Bro @bowtyetrib’s new record @thebloodywin drops this FRIDAY!!! I’m sooo hyped! Y’all be ready to download at 12:01am Friday morning, or just pre-order it now! And if you can, get to the release party happening in Toronto Canada October 12th & 13th!! #tyetribbett #BloodyWin #family #swipeleft
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    The @praise1041 #spiritofpraisedc concert was AMAZING last night!!! Every artist did an awesome job. We were honored to be a part of this great celebration which happened to be at my church @cityofpraisefm!! There were so many great moments.. One special moment for us was when we walked off stage and the house continued to worship to “You deserve it”.. It was not just a concert! It was a worship experience! #spiritofpraise #youdeserveit #noreasontofear #jjhairston #jjhairstonandyouthfulpraise #jamestownmusic #swipeleft ps... so happy I got to get a pic with reps from all of the syndicated @radioonelife shows! @donmac6453 - Donnie McClurkin show @2trillion from @getuperica (we shoulda got another pic @imericacampbell) @williemoorejrlive - @wmjshow @darlenemccoy - @thenightlyspiritradio Thank all of you for continuing to support us! And @rthompsonr1 congrats on a HUGE and AWESOME event!!